September 19, 2016

Work With Me

People go into business for all the right reasons.Work with TenaciousChick to increase your profit

Freedom, money, ability to set your own schedule, stop making money for everyone else, a better boss – just to name a few. But once you start your business, you will often find you are in over your head. At TenaciousChick, we help you build your business and transition from being just self-employed to being a profit generating business owner.  Above all, we help you become more efficient so you can work less and make more.

We have two different ways we can help you:

1) Consulting/Coaching

2) Online Business Manager/Virtual Assistant Services

1) Consulting/Coaching – we join you as a strategy and accountability partner. We can put our 30 years of business experience to work for you to provide strategies to improve your business.

Here are some examples of marketing strategies we can work on together:

  • Pricing strategies – premium vs. volume-driven
  • Products – existing, add ons, upgrades
  • Product sourcing (parts, ready to sell products or a combination)
  • Distribution options – there is never just one choice
  • Customer strategies – target market, new vs existing customers, low price vs. pay for premium items, generational selling (Babyboomers vs millennials and others)
  • Sales – best way to sell your product(s) – in person, online, video, written description and how to’s
  • Promotion – tra-digital (a mix of traditional and digital including tv, radio, magazines, mail, online magazines, social media, website, email)

We focus on small business owners who currently produce over $200,000 in annual sales for our business coaching. Make the decision today to make your business stronger and more profitable. Contact TenaciousChick today!

Coaching/Consulting Packages

Business Check-Up with Dr. Tenacious – $500

Your profit deserves a check upFeeling a little under the weather? Not sure things are working the way they should? Maybe you are considering some changes and want to get a second opinion on your plans. In one 2 hour setting, we’ll discuss what pressing needs you have and do a quick business check-up. We’ll do the following:

  • Blood Test – We will “run some tests” to see what issues might be going on under the surface. We’ll look at your numbers and compare them to your goals and the past results. We’ll analyze your business, profit level, customers, products, staff, processes and I’ll provide fresh ideas and help you come up with planning, action items and goals.
  • Blood Pressure – do you have bottlenecks in your processes? Let’s evaluate your processes to make sure everything runs smoothly. That lowers not only you and your employees blood pressure levels but also those of your customers.
  • Weight – the hated scale; they need a punching bag right next to it. In this case, we are checking what you are selling. If you have lots of weight (too many different items or too much physical inventory), that can slow you down and we need to investigate what changes will lower your weight safely. Or maybe it is time to gain weight – growing your offerings may be just what the doctor orders.

My Business Needs a Double Shot of Espresso! $2500

Give my profit a shot of espressoSometimes, as small business owners, we get so busy running our businesses that we don’t get to all the things it takes to increase our business and profit. One of the best parts about working with a qualified business coach is to look at your business with fresh eyes. And, with the help of weekly one-on-one “caffeinated” sessions with included accountability, we will increase your bottom line.

  • 8 Weeks of One-on-One Coaching Sessions (weekly calls)
  • Full discussion of many aspects of your business and how each can be improved. These are different for every company but generally we will discuss at least the following:
    • Marketing – traditional and digital including advertising, sales, social media planning and performance, distribution, pricing, product, purchasing and target markets to name a handful
    • General business – how to make more with less time, business plan, the dreaded accounting/bookkeeping side of business
    • Profit generation
    • Review of your processes – purchasing, pricing, promoting, ordering (from both customer and business views), upsells and after order promotion and use of technology in your processes
  • Weekly Action Items with accountability, continued help as things change.

I’ve got your back Package $4000

I have your back when you want to increase your profit

The Lone Ranger had Tonto to keep him focused and to help him out of a tight spot. Similarly, Batman had Robin. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha had the Brady’s. Who do you have who’s got your back? We all need someone to hold us accountable, to discuss issues with and to help us learn things that will make us and our business better.

  • 12 Weeks of One-on-One Coaching Sessions (weekly calls)
  • Texts and emails in between calls so you are not left out in the cold
  • Everything in 8 week program but deeper.
  • In depth analysis of your business, ongoing strategy help, processes to implement, apps/programs to implement, complete marketing overhaul if necessary.
  • Bonus: Session with one of the best mindset coaches available, Lisa Zawistowski of, to help you make it happen

2. Online Business Manager/Virtual Assistant Services – Another way we can help is to We actually do the work for you to free you up to do what ONLY YOU can do. Here are some of the services we provide virtually:

Task Management

  • Project Management
  • Set Up Trello
  • Email Marketing Campaigns
  • Website Updates
  • eCommerce
  • SEO
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Processes and Systems Creation and Correction

Administrative Support

  • General Administrative Serviceswe do Excel Spreadsheets
  • Excel Spreadsheet Creation and Manipulation
  • File Management and Organization
  • QuickBooks
  • Email & Calendar Management
  • Internet Research
  • Proofreading and Editing

Social Media Management

  • Content CreationWe do social media
  • Scheduling Posts
  • Setting Up Groups and Pages
  • Ads if desired

Need more info? Want something you don’t see? Call or mail me now!