Do what only you can do. Let me handle the rest.

What makes TenaciousChick Different?

It's not just the attitude. It's the expertise.


Entrepreneurs often work so hard they can’t see pockets of opportunity hidden in their businesses. Working with TenaciousChick will help you uncover pockets of profit to increase your cash flow.


Processes increase efficiency and allow you to spend LESS time and make MORE money. This can involve technology or just changing your habits. Often business owners are too close to see these time savers.


Be where your customer looks for you, when your customer looks for you. Think search engines, social media and traditional marketing (printed media, networking, location). If they can’t find you, they can’t buy from you.


Changes are necessary to keep on top of our game. But often, making a change in our habits takes time and constant attention. Theresa will hold you accountable and keep you on track until it becomes a new positive habit.

Working with Tenacious Chick

Is doing all the "business stuff" stealing your passion for what ONLY YOU can do?

-> A rockstar business owner
-> Great at what you do
-> Fed up with doing all the "stuff" business owners have to do
-> Outraged with what takes you away from doing what ONLY YOU can do

-> A consulting and freelance firm who specializes in getting the rest done
-> A small business owner's right hand woman to help strategize, plan and implement
-> From marketing to processes to operations to administration
->MBA educated with 30+ years in business experience

  • Increased Gross Profit

    84% for a small business

  • Increased Attendance

    450% for a non-profit business

  • Increased Sales

    56% for a small business

  • Increased gross profit

    34% and sales 27% in one year for huge corporation


Ready to ONLY do work you love to do?

Let us take the other stuff off your back. Shoot me an email to get started.